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Birth mothers, don't dump your baby, hand that precious soul over for adoption/fostering.

Our Story

Precious Child was established in September 2002 in response to God's call upon Pastor Charles Masunungure and his wifePrecious Child Judith, to provide love and care to abandoned and orphaned children in Zimbabwe.Precious Child is a family based initiative in which this couple opened their doors to orphans and abandoned babies to give them a home and parental love and care. Having been at that time married for 8 years and without biological children, they had become frustrated but their founding and involvement in the Precious Child program of adopting and fostering babies has brought them a great deal of peace of mind and confidence. They now have in their family a total of 8 children all of who were abandoned as babies by their birth mothers.

Pastor Charles served as a senior  police Chaplain for the then 25 000 member national police organisation in Zimbabwe(the Zimbabwe Republic Police) for 14 years. He is  involved in a number of community leadership programmes  among them as current chairperson of the Bindura Church Ministers' Fratenity, chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Bindura  University of Science Education Mephibosheth Scholarship Fund, is a board member of the Bindura North Constituency Development Committee, management committee member of the Bindura District and Mashonaland Central Better Schools Program Zimbabwe and is a long time member in good standing of the US based International Conference of Police Chaplains and pastors one of the fastest growing churches in his area,the Bindura City Wide Family of God Church. He is a marriage and family therapist, a peace, leadership and conflict resolution practitioner, a well sought after motivational speaker and a licensed marriage officer in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe.

There are over one and a half  million orphans in Zimbabwe today. These precious kids are either living with their unemployed grandparents,in the streets, in hospitals or are admitted in orphanages or children's homes. The majority of orphanages in Zimbabwe are institution type which house orphaned  or abandoned kids in dormitories and usually they are in large numbers thereby creating more chances of illicit behaviours among the children. This approach of institutionalised orphanages does not provide intimate bonding between abandoned baby and parents.

Precious Child
Precious Child is providing a home or family  type of environment where there is a father and mother figure in the lives of these orphaned and abandoned children. This approach makes Pastor Charles and Judith, his wife the father and mother of these precious ones. This approach helps raise the child's self esteem and confidence. The program requires a lot of funding in order to establish several housing units in different parts of the community in order to enhance sound integration with the neighbourhood. Each housing unit will be expected to  accommodate a maximum of ten children.Each housing unit will have helpers that are called 'big sisters' who will assist Pastor Charles and his wife to look after the kids.
Precious Child also provides moral, spiritual and psychological support to birth mothers, that is those teenagers with unwanted pregnancies who end up baby dumping. At Precious Child, they acknowledge that when a teenager has an unwanted pregnancy, she usually has no shoulder to cry on and hence resorts to baby dumping. Precious Child encourages these teenage mothers to seek immediate assistance and counselling from organisations such as Precious Child and many others in order to reduce the incidence of abandoned babies. To date Precious Child has assisted several young mothers to not abandon their babies but to consider foster care or adoption. Interestingly most such mothers after counselling end up choosing to keep the baby.  
Another dimension of  Precious Child is to help childless couples to consider adoption or fostering kids. They help both childless couples and the abandoned and orphaned children through counselling and moral support. In the same vein they provide online or face to face counselling to the single mother and the married couple who is facing parental and marital challenges.


PLEASE NOTE: While Precious Child may give free counsel, advice or information on request to prospective parents, they are not an Adoption Agency. The Department of Social Services in Zimbabwe is the sole government agent that handles adoption or foster care applications.




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